Over the past 20 years, GEMCONSULT has helped companies and governments establish relevance and drive growth by promoting sectors or brands in the luxury sector. What started with a focus on the international diamond and jewellery sector has evolved to a broader focus on luxury goods and services. Why the luxury segment? Because it needs inherent and specialised skills to communicate in the right way. PR & communication, marketing strategy and event management are undoubtedly linked with this specialised approach.

From Europe to USA, through Africa and Asia we combine our skills in PR, marketing strategy (online and offline) and event management to help companies and governments accelerating growth on short and long term.

From event organisations, as international exhibitions, conferences and private events, through PR & marketing strategy we have realised it all for our international clients. From start-ups to well establish brand companies to governments, we are flexible to any project.

Why should you be interested in our services as Marketing, PR and Event consultancy:

  • We are committed, because we love our job!
  • We are striving after a better expectation than our clients have hoped. This is the reason why we are passionate by our job.
  • We are not a marketing agency, but a marketing consultancy. We charge by hour, project or day. Transparency is important to build a long term relationship with our clients.
  • We strive after local businesses, bigger companies or even governments, who wish to be different than what's usual.
  • We adapt our fees to the budget available, the period of the project and the size of the company.
  • We do not tie clients into a contract. We charge by the hour, project or day.
  • We want to be your marketing, PR and event advisor for the long term.
  • It is our job to be flexible, the challenge solver and partner in innovation.
  • We are your spearing partners to thing better, in an inovative way and with a mind of growth.





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